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Imperial Organic Yeasts

Jul 8, 2016

Imperial Organic Yeast was started by people passionate about beer and the brewing community. With over 25 years of combined experience, Jess Caudill, Owen Lingley and Jason Stepper have dedicated themselves to improving the industry they love. They are professional brewers, they are home brewers, and  they are human. With their professional experience and desire to be something different, they started Imperial.

Yeast may be hard to see with the naked eye, but we all know how critical it is to crafting the finest beverage we know of. We think our customers should know as much about the product as possible. Striving to educate our customers about yeast and fermentation.  By providing a proper number of cells (200 billion) in the revolutionary “Pitch Right” cans for home brewers, the improvement in your fermentations will be immediate.

Until now only 2 of the main ingredients used to brew beer were available as certified organic; malts and hops. Imperial Organic Yeast has changed this and now provides brewers with a certified organic yeast option. We know brewers take extreme pride in their beer and require the best quality and natural ingredients. By producing a certified organic yeast, Imperial is giving brewers an option to use a high quality yeast and at the same time use a yeast that is produced with GMO free, 100% natural ingredients. They are proud to be the first manufacturer of certified organic liquid yeast, producing a product in an environmentally responsible way.

To see the products available at Beyond The Grape visit our Imperial Organic Yeast line up the yeast products inventory changes rapidly so please contact us directly at 604-461-8891 or info@beyondthegrape.com to confirm in stock products. Or to pre-order this product visit our order form.