“"Great wines, great prices, great staff."”

– Arlene Lewis, June 2012

“"The staff is very helpful with information on choosing wines. "”

– Linda Smith, June 2012

“This is easily my favourite store for home brewing supplies, both ingredients and equipment. Their prices are always super competitive and Michael has time and again been able to find me specialty items for my personalized brewing setup. ”

– Mark Wilke, Oct 2015

“"We have had only the best and most friendly service since the day we became clients at our Port Moody store. We have never had a wine we didn't like. A few that weren't our most favorite, but never a bad one. It's clean, quick, easy on the wallet, and most of all, the staff are great, like old friends. Thank you, Micheal and Sandra "”

– Karen Holland, June 2012

“"One of the cleanest and best wine making locations I have been into. Won't go anywhere else."”

– Laurie Streiling, June 2012

“"We really appreciate that Michael always remembers what types of wines we like. His suggestions have always been 'spot on'. All the wines have been fabulous."”

– Barb Zollinger, July 2012

“"Just started to drink my oak barreled Petit Verdot from August of 2010. Amazing. Also recently tried a bottle of the oak barreled Meritage we made in October of 2010. Unbelievably lovely! Kind of makes the always scrumptious Brunello we bottled in between seem average. What a great batch of wines. These products are absolutely outstanding! Thank you Sandra and Michael for a super experience. "”

– Roger Meloche, August 2012

“"I love the quick , easy & fun visits with Sandra & Michael over bottling my fave Australian Shiraz..but , guess what ? Due to their cyber tech promo , while I was labeling , I saw their Pineapple & Pear Pinot Grigio slide &... ordered it..looking forward to that bottling visit ! Savouring it too , of course !"”

– Gabriela Evans, October 2012

“"I had to open a second bottle of the Limited Edition Douro Tinto from Portugal that we bottled in 2011 to be sure it was as good as my first impression was. Thanks to Sandra and Michael and Winexperts, I now enjoy so many different wines and grapes simply by always buying the limited edition series. I would never have know to choose this wine and I am really glad I did because it is spectacular. Up there with the Petit Verdot and the Meritage from a year earlier. Yum! Thanks"”

– Roger Meloche, March 2013

“"Beautiful shop; great equipment; wonderful product; Best wine shop!"”

– Melody Hughes, July 2012

“"Great people, great service and great products. If you're interested in winemaking in the tri-cities area you should definitely visit Beyond the Grape."”

– Sean Watson, July 2012

“"Attended a very informative hands on lesson in Beer making this afternoon at Beyond the Grape. As usual I was enthralled with Tim Vandergrift's lessons. He is as passionate and knowledgeable about beer and chemistry as he is about wine and food. Michael Druce and Sandra Taylor Croney are the ever great hosts. They showed just how easy it was to use the Brewers Best kits. They take you through the complete process of making the wort and adding the hops, racking the first ferment to bottling; all in 2 hours. Well worth the money and time. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking on this fun and rewarding hobby. I am looking forward to getting my starter kit and first kit and eventually coming up with my own profiles. "”

– Greg Cossey, September 2013

“I never thought that U-brew wine could taste so good! Our neighbour introduced Beyond the Grape to us 2 years ago and we've been loyal customers ever since. Michael and the staff are friendly, helpful, and professional. The cost is very reasonable and the results are excellent. Highly recommended!”

– Melody Ferrer, December 2014

“Very good selection of beer making supplies and equipment with extremely competitive prices. Michael will source out anything you need if they don't have it in stock.”

– Warren Boyer, December 2014

“We've dealt with Beyond the Grape for many years, and have had consistently excellent service, helpful advice about wine choices, and always good results in the bottles! They are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”

– Donna Stuart, October 2014

“excellent service as always”

– Linda O, January 2015

“Positive and helpful, bottles provided when needed, extra wine poured. What more could you ask? Thanks”

– Daryl W., January 2015

“I say Beyond the Grape is the best wine making store in the Tri City. We have been making wine/cider for years and wouldn't think of going any where else. ”

– Claudia C, January 2015

“fast, quick service, clean facility with top of the line equipment that makes bottling effortless. Highly recommend this place.”

– Faye Stefan, February 2015

“Karen and I enjoy going there. The staff is friendly and Knowledgeable. The selection is great for both the beer and wine products. 5 Stars from us”

– Tim L., February 2015

“It was fun experience and wine tastes very good! Thanks”

– Yoi H., February 2015

“Great friendly service as always”

– Maureen W., February 2015

“The staff are wonderful and the wine is always so delicious, better than store bought!! :)”

– Angela C., February 2015

“Always a pleasant, efficient, and helpful visit!”

– Alexandra R., February 2015

“Great knowledgably, friendly staff and a very clean place to work as well as selling a great product”

– Chris A., February 2015

“Always friendly and great service. Completely organized. We always enjoy coming to Beyond The Grape to bottle our wine. The only suggestion I could give is the choice to either phone in for bottling time or book on line. If you could add that to your web site, that would be great. That is how I always both ordered my wine and booked my bottling time at the winemaking place we went to before we switched to Beyond The Grape”

– Terri F., February 2015

“Have been making wine here for the last 12 or 13 years. Wonderful people to work with, fantastic wines. Very helpful and prices are very reasonable. We made our wine her for our sons wedding 10 years ago and referred our friends here too.”

– Nadaja Peresin, February 2015

“-very helpful in trying new wines -very efficient setup for bottling our wine”

– Gerry G., February 2015

“I needed some tubing to be custom ordered. Michael offered to do so for a very reasonable price, and his communication regarding the progress and delivery was excellent. I'd definitely go back to them with any future needs.”

– James, February 2015

“Beyond the Grape is the best, most helpful and knowledgeable outlet for making wine or brewing beer. They are very proactive in having available whatever supplies that are needed and keep up to date with new trends and products. I have tried many but after finding Beyond the Grape I know this was the right place to look after my needs.”

– Jack T., March 2015

“Awesome! Best wine making place ever!! Thank you!”

– Marie B., March 2015

“Modern, clean, friendly and great wine. We used to use another local wine making shop. There is no comparison. We can be in and out in a very short time. Another customer commented on being able to order on line, that would be awesome but I doubt regulations would permit it”

– Cheryl C., March 2015

“We have been making wine for over 20 years, starting with kits at home and progressing to crushing our own grapes. We discovered Sandra at Beyond the Grape 10 years ago and we have been making our wine with her ever since. Every batch has turned out perfect and it is always a pleasure to arrive for the bottling as their bottling process is beyond any system we have seen anywhere else, we can be in and out with 2 batches of wine bottled in 1 hour. With their depth of knowledge and commitment to quality Sandra and Micheal have always been a pleasure to deal with. ”

– Gerald & Anke S., March 2015

“BTG wine making is an awesome experience. The product is really good but its the atmosphere and the service at this family business that is exceptional. Michael and Sandra are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I love the entire experience from selecting products to bottling. Highly recommend them. Oh, and drinking the wine at the end is fantastic”

– Roger Meloche, March 2015

“We have been going to BTG for going on 4 years - always clean, always pleasant and always come away with brilliant wine - does it get any better?!? Thanks team! John”

– Michael Johns, March 2015

“Yummy! Like the wine that I make, the experience just gets better with age!”

– Roger & Jennifer M. March 2015

“Always an easy going experience. The layout for bottling, corking, putting on the labels makes it simple enough to do by yourself. Sandra and Michael are very knowledgeable and helpful. Will continue to go and make great wine.”

– Lee C. March 2015

“Our experience at Beyond the Grape was wonderful. The staff was very helpful and informative for choosing the right wine for our tastes. The bottling experience was quick and easy with their guidance. Can't wait for our white wine to be ready. Thanks, Bonnie and Peter”

– Bonnie & Peter M. April 2015

“It was great to see you again , we always enjoy the visits & the bottling gets easier & more fun with every new batch . We opened & savoured a bottle the very evening we got home . The Riesling was delicious ! We re looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks for the next round ! Thanks for being in our lives , my friends , Sandra & Michael ”

– Gabriela E. April 2015

“Impeccably clean premises, great service as always and consistently good products. Thanks Michael and Sandra.”

– Jack & Linda B. May 2015

“Hi Gang, From the cheery welcome when you first arrive, plus any help or assistance you may need during your bottling experience while "in House", we feel that we get the Royal Treatment. We will be back again. Sincerely, Loyd and Nancy Dearlow.”

– Lloyd D. May 2015

“Thanks again for another great 'batch' of wine to enjoy! Two bits of feedback would be: 1) a bit of dust gathering on top of the dishwasher; and 2) the trolleys were a little dusty as well. Cleanliness is very important in this process. We are really loving the wine we have been making, and don't want these two little 'cleanliness' issues to interfere with future interactions.”

– Alexandra R. May 2015

“You are the best. You must be, because we keep coming back. Thank you, J & R Dawson”

– John D. May 2015

“Good wine, good service!”

– Trudy M. May 2015

“Great products, great staff! Thank you Sandra!”

– Susie Nugent May 2015

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